Love games for WhatsApp with answers

Posted on Jan 11, 2023

WhatsApp is a fantastic messaging app because it allows you to write, and send pictures, videos, and voice messages. However, you can also use the app to play WhatsApp games for Lovers or to get ideas for WhatsApp games for crush. We show you the best Whatsapp love games to play with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or best friend. Simply select a fun WhatsApp dare or other game from our extensive collection of WhatsApp games with answers. We recommend playing this game with people you truly trust.

Here’s list of the best WhatsApp dare games for Lovers and WhatsApp games for Couples, complete with answers. 
You can also use these to play WhatsApp crush games! 
Our dare games with answers, of course, also work as dare games for Facebook or Facebook Messenger.


WhatsApp Love Dare Game 1-20 

This dare game includes Whatsapp questions for lovers as well as appropriate answers for lovers.


WhatsApp Challenge

Do you want to play some WhatsApp question and answer games? 
Choose any number between and 20, and I’ll tell you your dare!