Flames game is a well-known game for students in schools & colleges. Even we played this game in our childhood days. It is a simple game, and it takes only 40–50 seconds to get the result. The main reason behind this game is to find out which type of relationship status you have with your partner.

Flames Game Algorithm

I assume you also feel crazy when you heard this Flames word, right? But someone forgot the meaning of FLAMES, and also they forgot how to play this game. The below algorithm helps you to play the Flames game algorithm.
Here I also explain the exact sense behind the word FLAMES is.

Friends – You both will have a fantastic friendship forever
Lovers – You guys love each other, True lovers.
Attraction – You are interested in each other for many reasons.
Married – You will get married to your partner very soon.
Enemies – A lot of hate. You will be enemies and won’t like each other.
Siblings – You both are great siblings and care for each other.