Valentine’s Week Full List 2023: Everything you need to know about Rose Day, Kiss Day and Valentine’s Week

Posted on Jan 10, 2023

Valentine’s Week 2023: Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14. Before that, people also celebrated Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, and Kiss Day. Here’s all you need to know about the days of love.

The month of love is here, and people are already excited about it. Valentine’s Day is observed worldwide on February 14. It is a day when people spend time with their loved ones by taking them on romantic dates, giving them gifts, and asking out potential partners. On this day, those in love indulge in doing all the mushy things for their partners and possible dates. However, Valentine’s Day is not celebrated just for a single day. The festivities of love last for an entire week. Before Valentine’s Day, people also celebrate Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, and Kiss Day. And each day has its significance.

In the third century, a Catholic priest named Saint Valentine lived in Rome. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in honour of him. Saint Valentine’s legends have evolved over time, however. Over the years, this festival has been overly commercialised, with people making grand gestures for their partners and celebrating love and companionship.

February 7 – Rose Day

The week before Valentine’s Day, on Rose Day, individuals express their love for one another by giving roses to one another. The meaning of the roses is also expressed in their colours. A red rose is a symbol of love and is given as a gift to someone special. A yellow rose, however, represents friendliness.

February 8 – Propose Day

Propose Day is observed the next day. As the name implies, people express their sentiments to their significant other or a crush on someone on this day. On this day, many people even propose to their significant others.

February 9 – Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day is observed on the third day of Valentine’s Week. On this day, people exchange sweets and delectable chocolates and forget about all the bitterness in their lives. Many people treat their significant others or sweethearts by giving them a box of chocolates or a variety of candy.

February 10 – Teddy Day

People who are in love give their spouses a cuddly teddy bear on the fourth day. Giving a plush toy to someone you love is a thoughtful way to show them how much you care and to brighten their day. A charming teddy bear can lift someone’s spirits and put a smile on their face.

February 11 – Promise Day

Couples commemorate Promise Day on February 11. On this day, they pledge to stick by one another no matter what, strengthening their bonds in the process. This Valentine’s Day week’s fifth day is all about deciding to make your romance last.

February 12 – Hug Day

Hug Day is celebrated on the sixth day of Valentine’s Week. On this day, people comfort their loved ones by hugging them. When words fail to describe an emotion or a complicated situation, a hug can help. After all, nothing heals emotional cracks, doubts, or anxiety about the future like a big warm hug.

February 13 – Kiss Day

Kiss Day is observed on February 13, just before Valentine’s Day. On this day, lovers seal their love with a kiss. Valentine’s Day is all about showing your affection for your loved ones, and the best way to do so is with a kiss.

February 14 – Valentine’s Day

Finally, every year on February 14th, the day of love is observed. It is celebrated by couples by spending time together by going on romantic dates, making romantic gestures for each other, making donations, planning surprises and other activities.

Though Valentine’s Week has grown in popularity in recent years, many people believe that they do not need a special day to celebrate their love. What are your thoughts? Do you plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day this year?